Please review the three points listed below before completing the booking form.

1) Before you book, please check availability via the online chart link on your chosen accommodation page. Once a deposit has been received, the graph will be updated to show your reservation.

2) To understand what our accommodation offers, please read through the accommodation descriptions.

3) It is important to understand our terms and conditions regarding your booking, please read through carefully before making a booking.

This form can be completed and submitted online, alternatively, it can be printed and faxed or posted to us (see contact us for details).

1. About the Apartment
Which apartment would you like to rent?
Moravske Toplice

2. About the Dates
Please select the dates you require.

The first date you select is the first night of your rental period.

The second date you select is the day of your departure.
3. About you

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4. About your guests
Number of guests (including yourself)
Are any of your guests disabled?
If yes, please give more details so we can advise on the best type of accommodation.

Are there children in your booking?
If YES continue to section 5, If NO go to section 6.
5. About your children

Do any of your children have a birthday during their stay?
(If yes, please give name and date)

Please enter a number next to the following items to request them (no extra charge).


Please enter a number next to the following items to request them. An extra charge is made for these items. Please see 'items for loan' for charges. These costs will not be added to your deposit, but charged on arrival.

6. About your transfer



Flight Details
Flight Number

Arrival Time

NOTE: We appreciate a text message if your flight is delayed.

7. About your car hire
Would you like us to make an enquiry about a rental car or mini bus on your behalf? (We only arrange this service from your accommodation and not to/from the airports).

  If yes, please give a few more details:

8. About your pets


9. Feedback
Where did you hear about us?
10. Special Offers
From time to time we may like to keep you updated via email or post about our company in general, any special offers or promotions, or special events taking place.

If you DO NOT want us to contact you, please tick the box.

Data Protection Notice
If you send us a message we request that you provide us with your email address so we can reply to you, as well as some basic information about yourself so that we're able to add to our picture of who's using our Web site. Any personal data that you supply will be treated in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and will be used only for the purpose for which it is given.It will not be disclosed to anyone outside of Slovenia for Families or its agents without your prior approval. If you wish to view, update or rectify data you have voluntarily given to Slovenia for Families, please contact us.