Thermal Spas / swimming.

‘Taking the waters’ is one of the most enjoyable ways to relax and even have fun in Slovenia.

Slovenia currently has 16 thermal spa resorts.

Spas local to the area of our holiday cottages.

Thermal waters vary according to their physical and chemical features, geological origin and their temperature. In the area of the Panonnian, Spa water boils to the surface with temperatures of 32 degrees up to 72 degrees. The combination of all the features gives it its healing effects. Thermal waters heal different illnesses and have different health benefits on the body and soul. The black thermal water from the Moravske Toplice Spa is hypertonic, hyper thermal and sodium chloride carbonated in its structure. It helps with rheumatism, injuries, non infection skin diseases and pulmonary diseases as well as after operations of the motion system.

Paraffin water from Lendava does not only have various healing effects, but is also remarkably favourable pharmacological effects on the skin. Water from Ptuj helps with treatment and rehabilitation of rheumatism, degenerative illness and injuries of the motion system and with neurological diseases. In Radenci besides the curative thermal water which effectively treats cardio-vascular diseases, kidney diseases and urethritis, metabolism illness, rheumatism and suppresses dysfunctions in the motion system. There is also the well known mineral water.

The thermal mineral water with fluoride of Banovci is used in treating injuries and post operational conditions on bones, joints and muscles.


Name: Terme 3000

Web Site:

Location: Moravske Toplice, Prekmurje

Suitability: For all the family young and old.

Our Recommendations: Take a dressing gown and some ‘flip flop’ type shoes in with you. If it’s a short visit you're after, we recommend you visit after 3pm for a reduced entrance fee. Make sure you take swimming nappies with you as they don’t sell them in the complex.

Slovenia for Families - Moravske_Toplice Slovenia for Families - Moravske_Toplice

Description: The TERME 3000 Spa complex includes 22 swimming pools located undercover and outside. Unlike some of the Thermal Spas the Terme 3000 is very family friendly and children have been catered for. There is a children’s pool inside the complex with a water sprayer and slide. Outside you will find a larger children’s pool with ‘little Tikes’ play equipment around the perimeter. There are hydro-pneumatic sun beds, geysers, waterfalls, water massage, air massage, upstream swimming, swimming lanes, water currents and bubble-baths. Additionally, there is a diving pool with a one-metre springboard and a three-metre springboard; the biggest attraction, however, is a 22-metre platform with two water slides, 170 m and 140 m respectively, complete with audio and visual effects. TERME 3000 also features a Turkish and a Finnish sauna, a solarium, a children’s playground, various restaurants and a bar. There is lots of grassy outdoor space available to relax in.

Don’t forget to take a dip in the ‘black thermal mineral water pool’.

Most visitors to Terme 3000 make a day of it. There are plenty of sun beds and loungers around the complex for you to relax on.


The Panonnian Sea, which used to cover the area of Prekmurje during prehistoric times, is long gone but what has remained are layers of marl, sandstone, gases and oil. Deep down, at about 1.500 m, between layers off sandstone there are still remnants of the above said sea, soaked up by porous rocky materials. Due to machinery and men reaching these depths, remnants have gushed to the surface as thermo-mineral water.

It was in 1960, south of the village of Moravci, when an oil company drilled for oil but instead of ‘black gold&rsquo, thermo-mineral water gushed from the depth of 1.417 m, it was hot for its temperature was around 72 degrees Centigrade. As oil wasn’t found the well was closed, however locals soon found out about the healing effects of the hot water and soon there was an improvised pool where they went bathing. The size of this first pool was only 4 x 4 m and it was 180 cm deep. This was in 1962.


Name: Banovci Thermal Spa

Web Site:

Location: Banovci, Prekmurje

Suitability: For all the family young and old. There is no shallow children’s pool inside, so arm bands are required for non-swimmers.

Our Recommendations: Take a dressing gown and some ‘flip-flop’ type shoes in with you. This spa is our family’s favorite. It doesn’t get as busy as the large Terme 3000. The water outside (in the winter) is much warmer than the Terme 3000.

Slovenia for Families - Banovci Slovenia for Families - Banovci

In 1995, the Ministry of Health certified the Banovci water as a natural healing substance. The water surface area at Banovci spa covers almost 2000m2. There are three outdoor pools with thermal water, a swimming pool, a pool with a slide, and a children’s pool as well as the World of Saunas with its three Finnish saunas and one Turkish sauna.

Banovci spa also welcomes Nudists in selected areas.


Name: Ptuji Spa

Web Site:

Location: Ptuj

Suitability: For all the family young and old.

Our Recommendations: To date we haven’t been.

The thermal park covers 4000m2 of water surfaces with curative low mineral thermal water. There are 12 swimming pools, swimming lanes, waves, toboggan slides, underwater massages, whirlpools and a slow river. The park is famous for the biggest toboggan slide in Slovenia.

There is also a wellness centre that offers Finnish, Turkish and aroma saunas, various hand and underwater massages, baths, paraffin wraps and other therapies.


Name: Terme Lendava

Web Site:

Location: Lendava

Suitability: This is our favourite spa of 2006. The whole interior has been totally refurbished. It’s a great spa for small children as they have slides both indoors and outside. There is loads of outdoor space to picnic and relax. The ‘green’ pool or paraffin bath is great for the skin and leaves you feeling all soft and sleepy. There is also a great selection of treatments available which look very interesting!

They also have good facilities for disabled people such as lifts to the pools.

I have taken a few pictures so that you can see what its like.

Slovenia for Families - Lendava Slovenia for Families - Lendava
Slovenia for Families - Lendava Slovenia for Families - Lendava

Our Recommendations: This spa and Banovci are our favourites. Local people tend to use this spa as it’s not as expensive as the big ones.

Lendava water is a part of fossil oil waters and contains a lot of paraffin. This feature distinguishes it from other curative thermal waters in this part of Europe.

There are outdoor pools and indoor pools with thermal water, summer Olympic size swimming pool and a children’s swimming pool. Also on offer are a choice of hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, water gymnastics, water massage and chinesiotherapy.


Name: Terme Radenci

Web Site:

Location: Radenci

Suitability: For all the family, young and old and nudists. We have not been to this spa.

Our Recommendations: Give it a try and let us know how you went on?

The Radenci spa is a modern and attractive health resort with a long lasting spa tradition of over 120 years, with world famous springs of mineral water ‘Radenska three hearts’.

Slovenia for Families - Radenci

It is one of the rare European spa resorts with the four natural healing factors, mineral and thermal water, curative mud and mild climate.

You can enjoy waterfalls, fountains and waves on 1.460m2 of water surface with temperatures ranging from 28-36c. Whirlpools, kneipp baths and children’s pools are all at your disposal. Outdoors there are grass areas intended for relaxing and a special terrace for nudists.