Looking to buy a house or an apartment or building land in Slovenia?


As we as a British family have been living and working in Slovenia for many years, we occasionally get asked if we can help others buy a property in Slovenia, buy a house in Slovenia, a vine yard in Slovenia or building land in Slovenia.

If you are looking for a legally registered Real Estate agent in Slovenia or an agent who can speak English who has staff who also speak German and Russian, then I can recommend:


The owner of the company is British and has lived in Slovenia with his wife and children for 9 years. He has fully qualified Slovene agents who work within the company.

Not only do they deal with the buying and selling process, but they can also offer full renovation services, interior design and holiday rental services.

So, if you are looking to buy a property in Slovenia, either to live in or to buy a property in Slovenia as an investment or if you wish to rent out a property in Slovenia, contact: info@sloveniaestates.com