As dog owners ourselves we welcome pets to our accommodation, however we must ask owners to abide by a few rules.

1) Make sure that your pet is fit and well before traveling.

2) Pets are only accepted by prior arrangement. Any damage caused by pets must be paid for.

3) You must clean up after your pet. We ask if you could take your pet out for a walk to do their business, rather than let them use our garden as a toilet.

4) Pets must not be allowed in bedrooms.

5) Pets should not be allowed on sofas or chairs.

6) Pets must be provided with their own bedding.

7) Pets (especially cats) must not be allowed to climb on work surfaces.

8) Pets must be kept under control at all times. All our cottages are located in rural farming communities where live stock is kept. Therefore you must make sure that your pet does not stray from your rental property.

9) Pets should not be left unattended in the property.

10) Before your holiday get your pet wormed and apply flee ointment. Due to the long grass in the region dogs are prone to ‘ticks’ we suggest you ask your vet for ointment to prevent ticks from infesting your pet.

11) Make sure your pet has an identity tag on its collar with your mobile phone number inscribed on it.

12) Try not to leave excess food in your pets feeding bowl as it will attract flies. Dried food is better actual meat.

13) If you are coming from the UK, don’t loose the pet’s passport (and rabies vaccination records) as you might find you can’t get the pet home.

14) There are plenty of pet shops in and around Murska Sobota, so don’t worry if you forget or need anything.

15) There is an English speaking private Vetenary located in Muska Sobota. So if you experience any problems, you are able to get your pet treated on a private (pay) basis.